Our Team

At Ascendus, we don't push the typical "work hard/play hard" culture. We believe that the best way to continue succeeding is by taking care of ourselves, our families, our customers, and one another. We aim for a sustainable approach to work and life.

We are a small team and we hire carefully. Once we find that a person fits in with our culture, we go to extraordinary lengths to retain them. The hours that our team-members dedicate to what they do are reasonable and there are plenty of opportunities for play to be mixed in with work.

We are passionate about cricket and badminton. And birthday parties are usually fun-filled affairs with plenty of cake flying around.

Over the years, we've also come to recognize that in business, the emphasis should be on retaining customers rather finding new customers. Towards that end, once we get a project, we do all in our power to ensure that the project succeeds. We realize that administering a survey - be it a 360 or an employee engagement survey is more than just great software. It is a mix of reliability, ease of use and great support when it is needed. Whenever a survey launches, we are available to address user issues as quickly as possible.

Our Team

We hire very selectively and look for the following qualities in the people we hire:

Strong programming & analytical skills.
An owner's mentality.
Excellent written & oral communication skills.
Virtuosity - A desire to do common things uncommonly well.
A burning curiosity to understand issues deeply.

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